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The Labels & Lacquer Girls List Of Summer Must-Have Jewelry

If you’re looking for the perfect way to top off all of those summer dresses you’ll be wearing this season, then you NEED to add these pieces to your jewelry collection.

Whether you’re wanting to add some sparkle to a dressed down denim look or go super trendy and wear chokers with everything, Anarchy Street has got the pieces for you.

Luckily, you can use the code AUGUSTA20 to get 20% off of your order— so, get to shop until you drop! Because the jewelry you’ll keep on rotation all season long is worth splurging on, don’t you think? We certainly say so!

1. Bow Tie Choker

Bow Tie Choker, $24, Anarchy Street

Umm, hello! We're loving the tied choker look. You can wear this one wrapped or tied up in an adorable bow. We suggest rocking both styles.

2. Gem Slab Necklace

Gem Slab Necklace, $24, Anarchy Street

How cool are you going to look with this shiny piece of rock around your neck?

3. Marbled Cuff

Marbled Cuff, $30, Anarchy Street

We are all about dressing your outfit up with marble accessories. They're just so chic, you know?

4. Straight Through Bracelet

Straight Through Bracelet, $30, Anarchy Street

This minimal design will go with anything and everything. You can't go wrong with an added bit of gold bling, you know?

5. Halfway Ring

Halfway Ring, $28, Anarchy Street

If you're into a stacked ring look (and who isn't?!) then this is the best way to get that look because it's only one piece of jewelry, but it still gives a stacked effect. How low maintenance is that?!

6. Pretzel Ring

Pretzel Ring, $28, Anarchy Street

Sparkly "pretzels" are the best kind as far as we're concerned!

7. Silver Pyramid Earrings

Silver Pyramid Earrings, $24, Anarchy Street

These studs can take you wherever you need to go this summer. They're minimal, but still totally cute. So, really, what else could you need?

8. Desert Flower Earring

Desert Flower Earrings, $15, Anarchy Street

Carrying a little cactus with you wherever you go? How summer-y of you.

Get to shopping! These summertime pieces are just waiting for you!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: anarchystreet/Instagram (1); Courtesy Anarchy Street (9)

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