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DIY Your Own SPF Lip Product For Even More Fun In The Sun

SPF protection is no joke throughout the summer months (or any other time of the year for that matter), so before you hit the beach, you’re going to make sure you’re covered in sunscreen. We’re talking covered from head to toe, and yes, that, of course, includes your pout.

You may not think about applying sunscreen to your lips, until you get a sunburn, that is. Because yes, lips can get pink and sunburned just like the rest of your body. And it isn’t fun.

There are plenty of lip products you can buy that come packed with SPF protection, but why would you spend extra money when you could DIY your very own sunblock lip balm, you know?

Technically, you could just rub a little sunblock directly on your lips, but that’s not going to taste so great. This method that the L & L girls came up with all on our own is honestly the best way to go.

All it takes is two ingredients to create your very own SPF-filled lippie. This packs protection and moisturizing qualities into one, and that’s everything you’ll need to keep your pucker protected this summer.

1. Sunscreen

Feel free to use whatever sunscreen you'd apply to your face on your lips, too.

2. Balm Dotcom

Balm dotcom will help keep your lips moisturized, and when you mix it with a little dab of sunscreen, you've got the perfect summertime lippie.

Just squirt a little bit of each of these on your finger and generously apply to your lips. Now, you're ready for all of that fun in the sun!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: an_taylor/Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (2)

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