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Shop Ariana Grande's "Into You" Video Looks

If you haven't heard Ariana Grande's new album, Dangerous Woman, you are MISSING out! I listen to every single song on repeat. The girl can honestly do no wrong. We are loving the fact that she's embracing everything that makes her who she is. Her new style is incredible, too. She's more daring with her pieces but still pairs those with a classic staple. For example when she wears a lace bralette underneath a woman's pant suit. GENIUS. Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman and I'm loving every second of it.

And if you haven't heard the new music, a good place to start is watching her new music video "Into You." If you have heard it/seen it, doesn't matter, go watch it again! The video is gold and the song is beyond amazing! All her fashion moments are so great! So, we decided to do a shop the look Ariana Grande "Into You" edition. Get ready to get shopping and to do your best Ari impression!

Here's the video for reference and so you can jam all day long:

1. Ariana's Denim Jacket

Religion Festival Jacket, $194.10, Asos

Okay this isn't denim, but I'm still sure Ariana would approve! This is perfect for your next motorcycle desert ride, like she does in the video.

2. Ariana's Lace Bralette

This will look fab under your new fringe jacket.

3. Ariana's Choker Necklace Worn With Denim Jacket

Two Chain Chokers, $12.94, Asos

She wears chokers all the time. We're obsessed, this are nice simple ones that can go with any outfit!

4. Ariana's Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts, $45.29, Asos

You have to wear these with a lace bralet, how trendy will you be?!

5. Ariana's Belt

B-Low Belt, $165, NastyGal

The fringe, with the denim and this belt, I can't handle it! It's the perfect summer outfit!

6. Ariana's Distressed Jeans

Ariana rocks distressed denim pants and shorts, so you have to get yoourself a pair too!

7. Ariana's Hoodie At Honeymoon Inn

Hoodie, $27.90, Forever 21

This is something a dangerous woman would do, wear a men's hoodie.

8. Ariana's Lace Dress

Eyelash Lace Dress, $29.90, Forever 21

This doesn't look exactly like the dress Ari wears in the video. However I have definitely seen her dresses similar to this one!

Now go listen to "Into You" and do some online shopping at the same time. We can do two things at once, if it involves shopping!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (8); Youtube (1); arianagrande/instagram (1)

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