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5 Tips For Applying Sunscreen Because Sunburns Aren’t Cute

Considering the Labels & Lacquer girls are one, super pale and two, lived years of our lives on an island, we’ve picked up a sunscreen tip or two along the way. We’re here to fill you in on five places where you should always be sure to apply sunscreen because getting burned is no fun!

These places aren’t the most obvious places to apply your SPF, and they’re super easy to forget about. But, if you do, you’re in for a burn that could potentially ruin that beach vacay of yours, and nobody wants that.

For summertime fun in the sun that doesn’t lead to a sunburn, you should always be sure to apply your lotion in these five places. We learned the hard way that getting burned in these places is painful and never a good look. So, just trust us, guys!

1. Bathing Suit Lines

Whitney Port pointed this tip out, and she couldn’t be more right. You have to always be sure to apply sunscreen along the edges of your bathing suit. You’d hate to get burned on the side boob or on your bottom because you won’t be able to wear a bra or sit down without it hurting. Definitely add these spots to your sunblock checklist!

2. Scalp

If you’re rocking a cute hairstyle where your part is exposed, be sure to dab a bit of sunscreen along any part of your scalp that could get burned. It will make combing/brushing your hair so much easier!

3. Eye Lids

So, you’ve covered your face in SPF, but did you remember to close your eyes and get your eye lids? You need to! If you’re in the water, the sun can reflect off of the surface and your eye lids and under your brow line can get burned! Or god forbid you take those sunnies off without having those lids coated! Being all red around the eyes is never a good look, so be sure to spare yourself having to deal with pain every time you blink and rub a little lotion on those lids, why don’t you?

4. Ears

Ears are an easy thing to forget about when it comes to applying sunblock, but you’re going to regret it if you don’t add a little SPF to them. Let us spare you some pain. Take our word for it and go ahead and slather those ears in sunscreen.

5. Hands & Feet

Be sure to get the tops of your feet and hands, and don’t forget about those fingers and toes, either! If you burn those feet, you’re going to regret it as soon as you take a shower. Nothing hurts as bad as that water beating down on sunburned feet. And your hands will feel a lot better if they’re not red and sore, too!

There you have it, a guide to sunscreen to ensure you won’t get burned in the weirdest of places. Take if from a couple of fair-skinned beach babes, these tips will make your summer so much better!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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