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6 Self-Tanners You Need To Speed Up Your Summer-Ready Bod

I don’t know about you, but I have not had the proper time to prepare for summer. I am beyond ready for the season to be here. However I need more time to get my summer tan ready, because the perfect summer to the Labels and Lacquer girls is spent in bikinis all day. We love spending time outside during the summer, either poolside or on the beach. I am looking very pale these days, and realize we are just weeks away from summer. So we are doing research on the best self tanner products, to quicken the process. Summer here we come!

Speed up the summer ready process, by shopping these products. Oh and get all the supplies you need to make Piña coladas. Because nothing goes with Piña coladas than a summer bronzed bod!

1. Bronzing Mousse

A mousse seems like the perfect way to self tan.

2. The Towelette

Body Self Tanning Towelettes, $48, Kate Somerville

Towelettes that tan you? How genius, this seems like a fool-proof way to guarantee everywhere gets tanned.

3. The Rinse-Off

Anything with St. Tropez in the name, we're in!

4. Self-Tanner Face Water

A little spritz here and there, and voilà your summer glow is there!

5. Tanning Gel

Sunless Tanning Gel, $34, Sephora

6. Dior Self-Tanner Natural Glow

This is a gel-cream self-tanner for the body, that tans your body in less than an hour. That gives us enough time to prepare that Piña Colada to go with our new tan.

Here's to a sunkissed summer!

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Wix (1)

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