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The 9 Tees You'll Live In This Summer

Springtime is hardly over just yet, but the Labels & Lacquer girls are already ready for summer. What can we say? We’d choose to be poolside all year-round if we could. And if you’re ready to do your best to beat the heat while living it up in the summer sun, too, then these tees are just what you need to get you in the mood.

You’ll be rocking these t-shirts all season long because they have all of the summer feels. From ice cream cones to tequila, these tees have all of your favorite summertime treats covered. It’s like they read your mind, huh?

Whether you’re partying or staying in bed all day, shirts this good will be worn pretty much all season long. For the one essential you’ll need this season, go on and get to shopping!

1. Today Has Been Cancelled

Today Has Been Cancelled Chad Tank, $62, Wildfox Couture

Official summertime mood. Let's all go back to bed, shall we?

2. What Tan Lines?

Tanlines Roadtrip Tank, $64, Wildfox Couture

Because who needs tan lines, anyways?

3. Going Nowhere Fast

We ain't got no plans.

4. When In Mexico

Mexico Graphic Crop Top, $9.90, Forever 21

Once you go to Mexico, a part of you never comes back.

5. Ice Cream For Breakfast

Ice Cream For Breakfast Tee, $35, Jawbreaking

Breakfast of Champions.

6. Favorite Things

Check, check and check. Gang's all here!

7. Mermaid Status

Plus Size Scoop Neck Graphic Tee, $19.99, Charlotte Russe

Who wouldn't rather be a mermaid?

8. Popsicles, Please

Camp Collection Popsicle Tee, $19.99, Urban Outfitters

I'm one happy camper if I've got a popsicle to cool me off during the summer.

9. Essentials

501 Summer Tee, $34, Wish You Were Northwest

This is what the best summers are made of.

Get these in your shopping cart, STAT. You've officially got your summer wardrobe sorted.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy Brands (9)

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