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The Best Lipstick Colors For Spring & Summer

Floral prints and sandals are great and all, but one of the best parts of spring and summer is getting to wear lipsticks that are bright and fun. Think about it, fall’s all about a deep plum colored lip, and it’s really hard to pull off a nice coral or lavender unless it’s warm out.

So, take advantage of the fact that it’s hot out and slick some vibrant colors across your lips. I’m talking orange, teal, whatever you can pull off.

Get playful with your pout this spring and summer by shopping any of these Labels & Lacquer-approved lippies.

1. Just Peachy

Topless Matte X Lippie Stix, $5, ColourPop Cosmetics

There's no going wrong with this bright peachy pop of color!

2. Mermaid Inspired

Dr. M Ultra Matte Lippie, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

This teal colored liquid lipstick is just the kind of thing Ariel would love!

3. Lovely Lavender

Melted Violet Liquid Lipstick, $21, Too Faced Cosmetics

If you're looking for a bright color that packs a punch for summer-- this is it!

4. Terrific Tangerine

I could see myself wearing this color on a beach somewhere, Mai Tai in hand.

5. Blue Waters

A lipstick the same shade of blue as the pool? Don't mind if I do!

6. Perfectly Pink

Girls who wear pink have more fun, so what are you waiting for? Slick this lacquer on your lips while summer lasts!

7. Super Shimmery

MAC Lipstick in Bronze Shimmer, $17, MAC Cosmetics

Shimmering shades are all the rage this season. So, load up on these sparkling lippies.

These are the must-have hues to make these hot spring and summer months all the better! Go on and get to shopping!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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