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5 Current Fashion Trends The Labels & Lacquer Girls Noticed In Hong Kong

Being in Hong Kong is so inspiring. There is constantly movement all around you. People walking, cars coming and going, buses zooming past. While walking the streets of Hong Kong one of the first things we noticed were the all the fashion trends. Duh, we’re fashion bloggers!

So, here are some of the major trends we noticed-- if you aren't already embracing these, you better start. Because, trust us, they're huge all around the world and, of course, extremely stylish to boot.

1. Athleisure

Altheisure is so IN right now, and Hong Kong was no exception. Joggers, sweatpants, leggings as pants, longline bomber jackets, and Nikes, Nikes, Nikes. All the cool kids are rocking sneakers and have a total sporty vibe. It mixes fashion and comfort. This trend is really so practical. We love that this trend goes beyond fashion, it’s about a lifestyle. Living in a city that is always on the go, it helps if your clothes are comfortable. Augusta and I were always walking everywhere we went, sneakers were the perfect shoe to fit our HK needs. We are on board with this altheisure trend and we don’t think it’s going in where! I mean sweatpants as pants, come on?!

2. Couple Style- "His And Hers"

One of our favorite things to see were all the stylish Asian couples. They were killing the fashion game, all while being the most adorable things ever! They were holding hands and taking Hong Kong by storm.

For my Current Fashion Trends and Forecasting class I’m taking right now we are learning how to spot a trend, why it’s a trend, and are learning tools on how to predict fashion’s next trends. Our first assignment we actually had to go out on the streets of Hong Kong and just start taking street style photos. I went out on the streets and really just observed and took photos of any and every style. When going back over my photos after Day 1, I noticed how many couples I had photos of. My focus for the project then turned into couple dressing. Much like people have their own style, the couples did too.

But, a reoccurring theme was they would be coordinating their outfits. That means everything from matching track suits, to both wearing white t-shirts and pants, both wearing sweaters tied around their necks, to wearing the same kinds of sneakers. Round up your boyfriend/girlfriend, and start wearing matching outfits, or at least matching accessories.

3. Triangle Bags

We saw a few of these around town. Then when we went to Mong Kok to go shopping at Ladies' Market and they were all over the place. After seeing them in Mong Kok, we noticed almost every girl was carrying this tote. This tote is based off of the designer Issey Miyake's Prisms' Basics bag. There are so many different colors you can get, even metallics. But the fun triangles stay the same. I'll make sure I get stock up on these triangle bags before I head back home.

4. Puff Balls

Faux fur is already having a major moment right now. Puff balls as accessories has been trending for a while now. You know the Karl Lagerfeld special edition fur keychains, they have similar ones and copies of that here. When you walk past a street shopping market, furry puff keychains are everywhere.

5. Floral/ Tropical Print Bomber Jackets

Even on the plane ride over here, we started seeing this trend. The prints seem to be very Asian inspired. Augusta and I went into every H & M and Zara we saw. In each store, we saw several variations of floral printed bombers. This trend really is the perfect way to incorporate athleisure in the spring!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Originals ( 11); Ebay (1); Ebay (1)

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