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Let The Labels & Lacquer Girls Show You How To Wear Your Kylie Lip Kits

It’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on the highly coveted Kylie Lip Kits, especially with the site crashing and products selling out in a matter of minutes. So, the fact that both of us were able to snag the colors we adored is practically a miracle.

Darby, of course, wanted the pink-ish Posie K color, and I was dying to have the new orange lippie, 22. After the stressful/rewarding process of successfully ordering these matte lipsticks, the highly anticipated day has come. Our Lip Kits arrived. And now, we couldn’t be more excited to show off what they look like.

We’re also including a round-up of similarly colored makeup products that you can shop (whether you have a Kylie-designed Lip Kit or not) because why wouldn’t you want your whole face to be filled with subtle Posie K or 22 color? I mean, they’re perfect for spring and summer, after all.

Let the Labels and Lacquer girls show you just how give your face a flawless finish. Because you’re going to want those cheeks and eyes to live up to the glam-status of your perfect pout, you know?

Posie K Lip Kit

Pink is my favorite color and Kylie is one of my favorite people, so the lip kit and I were a match made in heaven. I love the color. I think it's perfectly pink. It's a little darker than I was expecting, but I think it makes for a unique lip color. I defintely don't have anything like it in my makeup colleciton.

The lip kit goes on smooth and lasts all day. Pair your lip kit with a matching blush, eyeshadow, and a pinky highlighter. You are going to be pretty in posie k pink!

1. Posie Pink Blush

Your Love Is King Blush, $26, Too Faced

Augusta found little gem for me. It is spot-on when it comes to matching the Posie K lip kit. Have Posie rosy cheeks with this blush.

2. Eye Shadown Crayon

Eye Dew Cream Shadow Crayon, $16, Ulta Beauty

This eye shadow will pair nicely with Posie K lips. It will enhance the lip kit and not take away from it.

3. Touch of Pink Highlighter

Soft & Gentle Highlighter, $32, MAC Cosmetics

This is just a touch of pink to brush on your cheek bones to complete the look.

Posie K is the perfect pink, don't you think?

22 Lip Kit

As I mentioned before, I was obsessed with the idea of having an orange lip for the spring and summer months. It's something I already do, but not to this effect. I mean, Kylie's pretty much the King of all things lips, and this 22 shade trumps all of my other peachy colors, that's for sure.

Along with orange lips, I think it's fun to add a bit of coral to your eyes and cheeks, as well. Oh, and you can't forget a bit of organge-y shimmer to highlight those cheek bones and really complete the look. See how I created the oh-so spring-ready look, and then shop similar products to do the same for yourself.

1. Orange Eyeshadow

Black Up Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

This way, your eyes and your lips will pop.

2. Peach Cheeks

Get the same bright, peachy cheeks using the exact same blush I did.

3. Coral Glow

This sparkly highlight will give you an undeniable glow.

With these products combined, one thing's for sure... you're going to be feeling this 22 shade!

When it comes to Kylie Lip Kits, this is how it's done.

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: L & L (3); Courtesy Brands (6)

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