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5 Beauty Bags To Hold All Of Your Makeup Essentials

A beauty bag is one of the most essential things in a girl's getting ready process. Yes, of course the contouring kits and mascara are important, too! But, you have to have proper storage for everything in a makeup bag.

A good makeup bag keeps everything nice and tidy. It's perfect for the girl on the go. Having everything in the right spot, makes the applying makeup process so much faster.

If you are in need of a new makeup bag, look no furthur. Scroll through these 5 beauty bags and finds the one that best suits you and your makeup needs.

Getting ready just got more glamorous and quicker.

1. Lipstick Love Makeup Bag

Lipstick Love Bag, $9.90, Forever 21

Hold your lipstick and all your beauty loves in this bag.

2. Daydreaming Makeup Bag

Daydream Beauty Bag, $9.90, Forever 21

Start your day off right, so you can spend the rest of it daydreaming!

3. Pinata Makeup Bag

Having a little fiesta tonight? Get ready with all your makeup in this adorable pinata printed bag.

4. Black Glitter Leopard Print Makeup Bag


5. Groovy Getaway Toiletry Bag

Volkswagon Makeup Bag, $34.99, Modcloth

This vintage Volkswagon bag is so cute, and has the perfect amount of storage for all your precious cargo!

Organize your makeup now with these beauty bags!

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Wix (1)

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