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Channel Gigi And A Little Yeezy With This Look

Gigi is definitely one of the ”It” girls of the moment. While she attended the Yeezy event she wore a bomber jacket, a black slip dress, and she paired it with over-the-knee boots. While we may not be attending a Yeezy fashion event anytime soon, this look could be incoroporated into our everyday life.

She channeled just enough sportness to rep the Kanye vibe, but still stayed true to her sexy style with her slip dress.

Anyway we can channel a little Gigi into our wardrobe, we are so in! Shop these pieces and get your runway walk ready to strut just like her.

1. The Jacket

Bomber Jacket, $34.90, Forever 21

Do Yeezy and Gigi proud in this jacket.

2. The Dress

Slip Dress, $16, ASOS

This will bring a sexy chic feel to your jacket.

The Boots

Over-the-Knee Boots, $44.20, GoJane

These boots aren't exactly the same, but they have a nice design on the front just like Gigi's.

4. The Bag

Furry Clutch, $17.50, ASOS

New York, we are ready for you with our new Gigi inspired outfit.

Images: Courtesy brands (4); HadidNews/Tumblr (1)

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