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These NYFW Hairstyles Are Easy To Recreate

Something the L & L girls like to pay attention to during fashion week is the hair and makeup that’s shown on the runway because more times than not, we can’t actually afford the clothing designers are presenting. As bloggers, let's just say we're on a budget. But, it is nice to know that if the beauty elements aren’t too crazy, you can recreate some major runway-worthy moments with your styling.

While watching TRESemme’s twitter throughout the week, one thing became abundantly clear— braids are in. The Kardashians have already done a decent job of making that known, but the hairstyle definitely left its mark on NYFW, too.

One braided hairstyle that I particularly enjoyed was ones that involved a fishtail braid (because let’s be honest— that’s one of the easiest ones to actually do, you know?). It wasn’t just your average fishtail braids being done, either. Hair stylists were able to make braided half up half down updos that were really cool, but also seemed relatively easy to recreate.

And for people (like yours truly) who can’t actually be at fashion week— the best part of all is the street style and major beauty moments that’s totally easy to copy, no matter where you are. The Labels and Lacquer girls always treat the streets as our runway, and we definitely don’t have to be in NY to WERK these braids, and neither do you!

Check out some of the hairstyles from the week, and then see a few super easy tutorials so that you can bring these looks to life!

How cool is this 'do?

I love how they left whisps of hair to frame her face. So effortlessly chic.

No matter which angle you view this braided style from, it looks incredible.

Now for some looks you can try for yourself:

1. Half Up Half Down Dutch Fishtail Braid

This has a milk maid braid kind of feel to it, but it allows you to still leave some of those long gorgeous locks down.

2. Fishtail Milk Maid Braid

If you happen to love having all of your hair swept back, you can also give this full-on fishtail milk maid braided crown a try for a very elegant look.

3. Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is almost exactly what was seen at NYFW, and it's super easy to do yourself.

Have runway-ready hair in no time with these fishtail tutorials. Get ready to slay model-style, ladies!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Barefoot Blonde (1); FashionWeek/Twitter (3); YouTube (3)

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