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Find Out How To Get Kardashian-Level Braids

The Kardashian/Jenners have been owning braids lately, and if that’s not enough to inspire you to rock some, then I don’t know what is. Not only are braids super cool, but plaiting your hair is also a great way to keep from using heat and tons of product while still looking stylish. Kim Kardashian’s even admitted to letting braids give her hair a chance to be au natural, restoring its health. And that seems like a perfectly good idea to us!

Channel your inner Kardashian and start french braiding your hair, stat (as if you weren’t mid-braid already)! If you’ve got a free hand, scroll down to check out how the sisters have worn their braids. Then, see tutorials for how to get the look yourself because if you’re anything like the Labels and Lacquer girls, you’re going to need to watch a few videos to get these looks down.

Kim K kills this multiple braid look.

But, Khloé looks pretty adorable with side braids, too.

Multiple chunky plaits make for a super cool look.

Even Kylie's in on this hairstyle.

It's North West who pulls them off best of all, of course.

Now, find out how to get these 'dos for yourself:

1. Dutch Braid

Follow this tutorial to get those dutch pigtails, just like Kim K.

2. Inside-Out French Braid

Get Khloé status braids by learning this inside-out technique.

3. Double Dutch French Braid Combo

Combine the two types of braids from above to get on a whole other level with your hair.

Ok, ladies, now, let's get our hair in formation!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram (2); khloekardashian/Instagram (2); kyliejenner/Instagram (1); YouTube (3)

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