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Bras To Suit Your Valentine’s Day Style

Valentine’s Day was made for killer lingerie— no matter what your plans are. Are you curling up with a giant bowl of popcorn and an even bigger box of chocolates and watching Rom Coms all night? Don’t worry because the Labels and Lacquer girls have the perfect bra for that. Or maybe you’re getting all dressed to impress for a romantic date and need something to give you an extra boost of confidence (as a good bra is prone to do). There’s definitely a braziere for those types of needs, too.

No matter what your V-Day style is here’s what you should be wearing for the perfect way to treat yourself. Because this day of love is about loving yourself as much as it is about loving anyone else.

Here’s the bra to wear this V-Day if you’re:

1. Lounging

Calvin Klein Bra Top, $28, Urban Outfitters

This is perfect for getting comfy and cozy on your couch for a night of Netflixing.

2. Going On A Date

Temptress Lace Plunge Bra, $60, Addition Elle

A fun color, lace and a little support is all you need for the best Valentine's date you could ever hope for.

3. Having A Girls’ Night

Something fun and ultra feminine makes for the best girls' night attire.

4. Not Leaving The Bed

Ruby Applique Bralette, $122, For Love & Lemons

Some bras are meant to be seen, and this is definitely one of thse. So, if you and your SO have sexy plans, well, here's the bra for you.

5. Going To The Gym

Webbed-Back Sports Bra, $15.90, Forever 21+

You don't take days off, so why would Valentine's Day be any different? For all of the motivation you could need, slip into a sexy black sports bra. Besides, that sweat sesh is definitely going to help you work off that box of chocolates!

6. Drowning Yourself In Wine

Dream Of Me Underwire Bra, $48, Free People

You're going to need a bra to match your merlot since that's your drink of choice for the evening. Have a glass for us, too! Cheers!

Treat yourself to a little lingerie this Valentine's Day. Go on, you deserve it!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)

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