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Shop Yeezy Season Look-Alikes

YEEZY SEASON! Kanye has such an eye for fashion, there’s a reason he was voted most stylish man of 2015 by GQ. I mean he predicted leather joggers would be a huge trend, years before it happened, after all. I would like to think of him as a fashion prodigy.

His clothes are so simplistic. I feel like they can be worn several different ways to complement everyone’s own personal style. And that is what I love about fashion.

They have such a men’s wear althisure influence-- which is having such a moment right now. I support anything that says an oversized hoodie is in style! It's comfy, stylish, and it makes a statement. Yeezy Season is modern and has a that neutral color palette that Kimye loves so much.

So, we'd all love to get our hands on some Yeezy brand, but let’s face it, it is pricey. And no one wants to pay, “20 Gs for Yeezys off of eBay,” to quote Kanye himself. So we are here to find Yeezy look-alikes for cheaper, but we think 'Ye would still approve of these picks.

1. Hoodie

Marina T. Fleece Hoodie, $128, Forever 21

This hoodie is very remeniscent of his collections. I like how the hood hangs and the large drawstrings.

2. Crop Hoodie

I could see one of the Kardashian/Jenner girls rocking this oversized cropped hoodie, like they do Yeezy pieces.

3. Longline Bomber Jacket

Kanye features longlien bomber jackets in his collection, and the khaki color is spot on to one of his designs.

4. Padded Bomber Jacket

Padded Bomber Jacket, $59.50, Missguided

One can never have too many bomber jackets.

5. Boyfriend Longline Fleece Sweatshirt

Longline Fleece Sweatshirt, $17.90, Forever 21

This is technically a men's sweatshirt. But, it could also double as a woman's dress. Kim often sports Kayne's wardrobe, so I think he would more okay with this pick!

6. Zip-Up Hoodie

Longline Fleece Hoodie, $34.90, Forever 21

Everyone needs a hoodie and then a zip up hoodie in their closets.

7. Oversized Parka

Oversized Parka, $99, H&M

Okay I'm definitely brushing off my shoulders right now, I think this is a dead ringer for Yeezy Season 1!

8. Capri Sweatpants

Medora Capri Sweatpants, $47, Revolve Clothing

There are sweatpants in this collection, even nice cognac and oxblood pinkish colors. So I thought these pink sweats were perfect.

9. Camo Leggings

Seamless Leggings, $68, Revolve Clothing

These leggings remind me of what Kim wore front row at the Yeezy Season 1 show, except camo version!

10. Oversized Camo T-Shirt

Again this is a men's shirt, but it works!

11. Faux Fur Lined Parka

Pile-Lined Parka, $39.99, H&M

Only $39.99?! It has fur and is a neutral color, Kayne would be all over this jacket!

12. Crop Top

Crop Top, $8.96, ASOS

We had to throw in a simple tee crop top into the mix.

13. Yeezy Boosts Look Alikes

Nike Juvenate, $85, Nike

Nothing can compare to Yeezy Boosts, but I do think this are similar styles.

No go get your Kayne West fashion game on! Bow down to Yeezy!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (13); Wix (1)


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