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This Is How Kendall And Kylie Styled Their Faux Fur Jackets

Are you more of a Kylie or are you a Kendall? This is serious question one must ask themselves in order to pick a Jenner as your style guru. Kendall’s style is more classic and simple, just a typical off-duty model kind of thing, you know? Kylie is edgy and cool, she is not afraid to take risks.

I don’t know if you remember but Kylie wore a faux fur jacket to the Kardashian/Jenner Thanksgiving celebration. It was grey and red, so chic and festive. I think it was very fitting for the occasion.

Kendall also wore similar faux fur jacket, the other day running errands in Beverly Hills. Her faux fur was a mix of white, red, grey and brown.

Get ready to compare/shop the two girl’s looks.

Since the two sisters were almost matching, why not do a roundup of how they each styled their outfits? Shop similar looks now!

How Kylie Wore Hers

Kylie really let her coat be the statement piece of her outfit. She kept her other outfit details minimal. She paired the jacket with a simple black top and black pants. Also by her side was her best accessory, Tyga.

1. The Top

This blouse is easy to throw on before you layer your faux fur over!

2. The Pants

Zippered Ponte Knit Pants, $19.90, Forever 21

Simple black pants, we all have atleast one pair in our closets.

3. The Jacket

Talley Faux Fur Coat, $129.95, Anthropologie

This isn't exactly the same as Kylie's. It is red, faux fur and fabulous, however. I think the youngest Jenner would approve.

4. The Lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent, $36, Sephora

I love how her shade of lipstick is a nice pinky color.

How Kendall Wore Hers

Kendall’s outfit vibes were along the same lines as Kylie, great minds think alike. She styled her faux fur with leather pants and white sneakers. Her accessories were: aviator sunglasses, a mini handbag and a black chocker.

1. The Jacket

Neiman Marcus last call, $62, Last Call

Multi faux fur?!!! Yes, plus it's so similar to Kendall's.

2. The Pants

Imitation Leather Pants, $19.99, H&M

Pair your faux fur coat with some leather pants. Channel your inner model.

3. The Sneakers

She is known from time to time to rock a pair of sneakers and I think this will have you looking and feeling like Kendall!

4. The Purse

How adorable is this mini bag?

5. The Chocker

Isabelle Chocker Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters

This is just the perfect, little accessory to add to any outfit.

Which sister is more you? Get to shopping and find out now!

--Labels and Lacuqer girls

Images: kyliejenner/instagram (2); Courtsey brands (9); kendallsoutfits/twitter (1); tumblr (1)


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