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Matte Nails Are A Must, So Shop These Polishes, STAT!

So, let’s just say we don’t really get how it works (*science*), but the Labels and Lacquer girls are huge fans of matte nail polish. We just recently tried it for the first time (I know, I know. Where have we been?), and we absolutely loved it.

We decided to try a kind that’s sold at Urban Outfitters because we saw it in the store and were really feeling the whole idea of matte nails. I mean, it was way past time for us to try it— especially since Kylie Jenner’s such a fan of the look. We selected a taupe/pink color called “Café Au Lait” because, duh!

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get that color (and that shine-free sheen) on our nails. We’re three days in to our first at-home matte manicure now, and so far so good. The finish has lasted, rather than rubbing off right away, and while we do love some shiny lacquer, it’s nice to switch it up a bit with a subtle color and less shine.

If you can get behind the idea of matte nails as much as we did, here are some products you should give a try. These are shades that we’re loving right now, and we’re pretty sure you’ll adore them, too. They just have a classy look to them, and you can’t go wrong with that. So, slick these polishes onto your nails, STAT!

1. UO Matte Polish

UO Matte Polish, $6, Urban Outfitters

This is the polish that we tried, and we have a feeling you'd love it.

2. Essie Matte Polish

This purlpe-y color is super unique, plus with its matte finish, you're guaranteed to not have the same manicure as anyone else you know.

3. Matte Topcoat

With a matte topcoat, you can make any nail polish have a shine-free finish, and it doesn't get better than that.

4. OPI Matte Polish

A deep dark red color is sassy, which is always a good thing.

5. Sinful Colors Demi Matte Nail Polish

A matte brown manicure is the epitome of chic.

Shop these products to get the matte mani of your dreams!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Labels and Lacquer Girls (1); Courtesy Brands (5)


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