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Darby's Pink Faux Fur OOTD

I’m in love with all things pink and fuzzy. That’s why I wanted to pair my pink faux fur jacket that I made (no big deal), with a pair of blue jeans and pink boots to match.

For my Apparel 2 final (one of my fashion classes at school) I had to design and then sew a jacket, a top, and a pair of pants. I am wearing the pink jacket I made. My design process for creating this jacket was quite simple. Going into the project I had already started doing some research. I knew I wanted to create something with faux fur from the jump, choosing pink was obviously my first choice, too. So then I decided I wanted to create an oversized off-the-shoulder cropped jacket.

I created the pattern for the jacket, cut the fabric, and began sewing the jacket. I sewed the shell of the jacket and then add a pink matte lining.

I was so happy with the final outcome of my project, and I was so excited that I now had a new pink faux fur jacket to add to my closet.

For my #ootd the jacket is so eye catching and should be the center of attention for any outfit, so I kept the other details of my outfit simple. I just threw on a white tank top and my favorite pair of jeans. My bootiess from Forever 21 enhance the color pink even more.

I also kept my hair and makeup simple. I left my hair curly and pulled it up into a half bun.

There you have it, my own version of my perfect everyday outfit, which is, of course, fuzzy and pink.

Shop a similar look below!

1. The Jacket

2. The Pants

Low-Rise Skinny Jeans, $19.90, Forever 21

3. The Booties

Buckled Faux Suede Booties, $39.90, Forever 21

These boots are out of stock right now. But keep your eye peeled for them to be back in stock.

Light Pink Booties, $31.99,

But if not these are a close match to the booties I'm wearing!

I love wearing/working this jacket, I'm sure you would, too!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (4); Labels and Lacquer Orginal (5)


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