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Why Glossier Is The Only Place You Ever Need To Shop For Makeup & Skincare

When a well-known beauty blog launches a makeup line, it’s bound to be incredible. Emily Weiss surely didn’t disappoint with the Glossier line, and it’s become quite the cult favorite. If you haven’t heard of the brand— let’s just say, you’ve been missing out.

After first trying their newest brow product, Boy Brow, the Labels and Lacquer girls were hooked. We wanted to keep trying more and more, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Of course, it’s hard to say no to facial products that are packaged like a box of chocolates, so we just couldn’t help ourselves. We made the Mask Duo Set our next purchase. The deep cleansing face wash and moisturizing process is a two-step system that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Each part has to stay on your face for 20 minutes, so it makes you take some time out to pamper yourself, which never hurt anybody, you know?

When we ordered the face masks, our package came with a sample of their moisturizing primer. Since we love free samples we were super excited about this, and couldn’t wait to get it on our faces. Then, once we tried it— we never wanted to take it off of our faces. It was that good. You simply place the primer on before applying any of your other makeup, and it makes your face feel so incredibly soft. So, this will be the next purchase we make from there (once the samples are gone, of course).

And if that wasn't enough to get you excited about this skincare line, there's even more to look forward to! Glossier just launched a facial cleanser, so now you can clean and remove makeup in one step. Hallelujah!

Here we are giving our face wash a try. Because face washes and robes make the best girls' nights, after all.

Glossier is all about looking natural and feeling good in your own skin, so how could you not make this your go-to beauty brand?! Check out some of our favorites below:

Add your makeup right on top of this primer without feeling weighed down. Plus, it'll give you the softest skin. Ever.

For brows on fleek in one simple product, this is all you need. Trust us-- it's a god send.

If you need a good deep cleaning for your face, look no further than this detoxifying face mask.

A mask that offers all of the hydration your skin could ever need is just the kind of thing you've been looking for, isn't it? This especially great when used right after the deep cleaning greens galaxy mask. Come on, just try it! You know you want to.

This brand cares about skincare and provides quality products, so there’s really no reason not to look to them when purchasing makeup. Shopping from them will help you majorly upgrade your skincare routine and leave you feeling way more natural in your makeup. Because the no makeup makeup look really is the best, isn’t it? The Labels and Lacquer girls sure think so!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Labels & Lacquer Girls (1) Courtesy Glossier (5)


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