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These Mini Monkey Breads Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat (Almost)

I used to think that monkey bread was something my family made, but not necessarily the rest of the world because we all have those family recipes (and quirks), right? But, after spending time (quite a bit of time, actually) looking at monkey bread recipes on Pinterest, I know that there are other people out there who know what it is, too.

Just in case you’re not someone who pins about this kind of thing, let me explain. Monkey bread usually comes in the form of a cake or loaf shape and is made up of tiny balls of dough (which must be pulled apart the way monkeys pull bugs from each other’s backs— now the name is making more sense, huh?) that are covered in sugar and cinnamon and baked to perfection. At least, that’s the way I’ve always had it. According to Pinterest, though, monkey bread can actually come in many different flavors, delicious ones at that.

This came as quite a surprise to me, and while I would love to try many of those other flavors out, you can’t beat the classic recipe. After spending hours of my life pouring over recipes, let’s just say that I was craving some monkey bread. Big time. I wanted to have a taste of it, but not an entire loaf’s worth— so I tried it in mini-version, which I discovered, of course, on Pinterest.

Instead of putting the dough in a bunt pan, you use muffin tins to create miniature single-serving monkey breads. See how mine turned out below:

Isn’t it adorable?

If you’ve never had monkey bread, or even if it’s a favorite of yours— you’ve got to try this mini-version out! The Labels and Lacquer girls definitely approve of this recipe. And when it comes to sweets, we’d never steer you in the wrong direction! Plus, it's great for crowds, so try it out this Thanksgiving!

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