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H&M X Balmain Perfume Is Coming, Too

The Labels and Lacquer girls are beyond excited for November 5th to hurry up and get here already. That’s when H&M X Balmain comes on sale, obviously, so if you didn’t know that— you may want to go ahead and mark your calendar. As if the collaboration could get any more amazing, they had to go and launch a fragrance to be released in December. So clearly, this is THE collaboration of the decade because not only will you be able to dress like you’re apart of the #BalmainArmy— you’ll be able to smell like it, too.

According to Harper's Bazaar, the fragrance smells of “tonka bean and white jasmine petals, a heart of white woods and cedar and a finish of musk and sandalwood.” Whatever that means, right? I’ll be honest— coffee, wine and perfume descriptions like these never make much sense to me, but who cares. I still know I want to spritz this scent all over me. If it’s good enough for Balmain, it’s good enough for me.

Add December 3rd to your calendar, too, because that’s definitely the next date you need to be looking forward to. This collaboration just keeps on giving, and the Labels and Lacquer girls just can’t get enough.

H&M X Balmain Eau De Parfum, $40

Did this news just make your day or what?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Image: Courtesy H&M

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