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How To Wear Long Sleeve Dresses Monday-Sunday

Long sleeve dresses are a fall fashion staple. They are so versatile, allowing them to be styled in so many different ways. They are everywhere this time of year. So, we are making you a weekly long sleeve dress guide. Now you can wear a long sleeve dress everyday of the week and make each look unique. Seven dresses to fit your every mood, from Monday where you are ready to take on the week looking business chic to the weekend when you just want to put your party dress on!


On Mondays you are ready to take on the week, the world even. You’re ready to do all the tasks you kept pushing off the past weekend. You mean business! Sip your cup of coffee (or two) and throw on this gray collared dress. Take this dress out for a spin down your office hallways.


This tee dress is so cute no matter the occasion. I love the flared ruffle at the bottom.


Long Sleeved Tunic Dress, $89, Urban Outfitters

Now it's humpday. By this point in the week you’re a little tired from Monday and Tuesday and are really just ready for the weekend! Right? So this oversized tunic is perfect for being comfortable all day long, and yet so fashionable at the same time. Come on, you can do it, only two more days till Saturday.


Long Sleeve Chambray Shirtdress, $248, Cusp by Neiman Marcus

It’s getting closer and closer to the weekend. Put on this denim button down long sleeve shirt, to be a little laid back but still ready to finish the week out strong. And besides denim is always a good idea. Friday here we come!


TGIF! Friday is finally here. Put on a little color to brighten your day. T-minus a few hours til the freakin’ weekend!


Did someone say sequins? I thought so! This is the perfect dress to dance the night away and get some drinks with friends.


Long Sleeve Sweater Dress, $40.19, Pink Queen

The Labels and Lacquer girls love a good lazy Sunday. Don’t we all? So now we want a dress that is comfy, and great for lounging around. A sweater dress just screams fall and cozy. Take it easy it this dress.

We hope you follow this guide and have a fashionable week!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands: (7)

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