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H&M Launches Their Beauty Line, So We'll Take One Of Everything

As if H&M wasn’t already the place to shop for affordable fashion, the fact that H&M has now officially launched a beauty collection definitely puts it at number one on the list when it comes to retail that really has it all. With clothing, bags, shoes and now makeup and other toiletries, you really have no reason to shop anywhere else, you know?

Selling everything from perfume and body scrubs to lipstick, you could really own an entire makeup and beauty collection from H&M alone, and that’s the best part about it. It has a little bit of everything. And maybe I lied about that being the best of all— what may actually be even greater is that it’s all super affordable. Ranging from $2.99 to $24.99, there’s no overly expensive lipsticks (or anything of that nature) to be found here.

And just because it is so cheap and the Labels and Lacquer girls are already huge fans of H&M anyways, we’ve taken the time to show you some of our favorite products that you can shop online now! The full beauty line will be available in stores on Oct. 1, but until then, go on and load up those virtual carts because you deserve a spa day!

1. Glitter

Loose Glitter Powder, $6.99, H&M

2. Matte Lip Color

Matte Lip Color, $9.99, H&M

3. Face Primer

Mattifying Face Primer, $12.99, H&M

4. Nail Polish

Nail Color, $5.99, H&M

5. Urban Verve Body Lotion

Urban Verve Body Lotion, $5.99, H&M

6. Body Scrub

Caribbean Crush Body Scrub, $5.99, H&M

7. Hair Product

Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream, $9.99, H&M

Get to shopping, like now!

Images: H&M (7)

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