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T + J Designs Have Some of the Chicest Tees Out There

Today I will be talking about I stumbled upon this little beauty on Pinterest and I CAN. NOT. EXPRESS in words the love the Labels and Lacquer girls have for this website. I first saw someone wearing their Retail Therapist graphic tee and had to click on it to see where I could get one for myself. I looked through their whole graphic tee section and pretty much want one of everything, like now! Not only do they have some of the best graphic tees around, the site offers a little of everything. From clothing to jewelry and even clutches. So yes, it a form of fashion heaven! T + J Designs even have some really great formal options for a glamorous dinner party, perhaps? We will be placing an order ASAP! We could go on and on about this company, but for now we just want to focus on our favorite t-shirts!

Balmain Bae

In this t-shirt we would totally feel very Kim Kardashian-esque. All of the Kardashians are known to sport Balmain from time to time. So basically we want to be able to afford and rep the brand and be a Balmain babe, too! This shirt is the closest we’ll be getting to actual Balmain for a while.

Shut The Front Dior

Shut the Front Dior Tee, $32, t + j Designs

When I read this shirt I actually laughed out loud. It’s so clever and super cute because it’s a play on words with a major fashion designer. So chic!

Retail Therapist

Retail Therapist Tee, $32, t + j Designs

This t-shirt was the whole reason I found this amazing website. Everyone loves to shop and I think the Labels and Lacquer girls consider us professional retail therapists.

Haute Mess

Haute Mess Tank, $28, t + j Designs

Sometimes we don’t feel our best, but we can always feel haute on our off day.

Chic Happens

Chic Happens Tee, $32, t + j Designs

Definitely our life motto! Sometimes chic happens, and you can't even control it!

Pay Me in Manolos and Mojitos

Manolos & Mojitos Tee, $32, t + j Designs

Sign us up!!!

Red Soles and Rose

Red Soles and Rose Tee, $32, t + j Designs

Am I the only one who thinks heels are always better in red?

Shop these amazing tees and more now!

Images: t + j designs: (8)

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