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8 Ways To Wear White After Labor Day Because Who Follows The Rules?


Rules were made to be broken so that whole no white after Labor Day thing — don’t even bother obeying that because white in the fall can still be super chic. Whoever said white after summer was faux pas anyways? If you’re feeling like making your own rules this autumn, here are eight ways that you can incorporate white into your wardrobe because this style statement deserves to be worn for longer than just a season.

1. Sneakers

Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers, $80, Urban Outfitters

Sneakers are so on-trend so why not continue wearing them into fall? There’s nothing like a white pair of kicks to achieve the ultimate sporty chic look.

2. Jeans

Draw A Blank Skinny Jeans, $132.30, Nasty Gal

White denim can be styled so many different ways. So, layer those sweaters and jackets any way you please because there’s no going wrong with crisp, white jeans no matter what time of year it is.

3. Appliqué

Embellished Blazer, $125.41, ASOS Curve

Incorporating white into your clothing through embellishment and appliqué will allow you to subtly break that no-white rule. The best part is embellishment can be added to just about anything, so look for sweaters, purses and more ways to add a little hint of white to your outfit.

4. Lace

Lace is timeless and meant to be worn anytime you please because it’s that good. So, add a little white lace after Labor Day, why don’t you?

5. Overalls

Shades of Grey Overalls, $89.99, Urban Outfitters

These overalls are just so cute. Who cares if they are white, they are perfect all year long! So minimalistic and chic!

6. Cardigan

Embroidered Gauze Maxi Cardigan, $32.90, Forever 21

Anything longline is in right now. So make your new favorite cardigan, longline and white!

7. Purse

Okay we are dying over this cute satchel. The snake print straps just are the icing on the white cake.

8. Turtleneck Dress

It's fall so turlenecks are at the front of our closets. We lvoe this turtleneck cutout dress. Very fall. And hey if you get a little chilly you can throw on your longline


--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtsey Brands: (8)

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