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We Are Ready for #KylieLipKits So We Can Have Kylie's Perfect Pout

Kylie Jenner can really do no wrong. Not only can she pull off any hair color, she is also known for having a flawless makeup game, especially when it comes to her perfect pout. She started teasing her #KylieLipKit two weeks ago on her Instagram where she is posing with fierce brown lips.

She just teased us again with a photo two days ago with an Insta snap of what’s to come from her Kylie lip kit.

It’s a photo of all the different shades of lipglosses, and we want all of them. Hey, we want that perfect pout, too!

This photo has us excited for what’s to come, but it leaves us with so many questions. Like... Are the Kylie lip kits just going to have lipglosses? Will the kit have everything we need to achieve Kylie’s lip look? Are all of the lipglosses going to be matte? When will the kits be available?

Ahh, can we have answers, like, now? Hopefully the kits we become available soon that way all our dreams will come true.

Practicing our best Kylie kissy lips in the meantime! Muah!

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram (2)

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