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Fish Therapy with the Labels and Lacquer Girls

Fish therapy is something that we have always wanted to try. I mean why not, it’s a type of spa treatment that involves little fishies making your feet feel like a baby’s bottom. So, we were game to try it!

We prepared for our spa sesh the night before by watching several fish therapy videos on YouTube. One girl submersed her entire body in the fish water for a full body treatment. Okay… that was not for us, but we we’re open to trying out the treatment on our feet.

First our feet were cleaned and our little piggies were ready for the water! As soon as you put your feet near the water the Garra ruta freshwater fish are instantly attracted and start swimming closer.

It felt a little funny at first, but it really just feels like bubbles are surrounding your feet. If you didn’t know there were little fish nibbling at your feet, you really wouldn’t be able to tell. Once the initial reaction of "why are these fish coming after my feet?" fades, it really is quite relaxing.

Our feet were in the water for 10 minutes. When our time was up, we were eager to see how our feet felt. They were really soft and smooth and we could definitely tell a difference. In fact our feet are still nice and silky smooth, days later.

We would really recommend going to get this treatment for yourself, it’s a fun/unique experience and it makes your feet so soft and renewed. It’s time to pamper yourself. Treat yo’ self and the fish all at the same time.

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