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Kim's #OOTDs Help Prepare You For All Types of Weather

The Internet has gone and stolen my heart, yet again. And honestly, I’m mad I didn’t think of this first because the idea behind the website is basically the greatest thing ever. is a weather website that shows you what Kim Kardashian outfit you should be wearing based on what it feels like outside. See what I mean? Greatest thing to be available online. If this latest Kim-vention doesn’t break the Internet—I don’t know what will!

I'm not sure about you, but I’ll never check the weather any other way. Ever again. So, how works is it pulls from an inventory of Kim’s previous outfits from paparazzi photos, etc. to show you he best outfit to suit the weather for that day. Because it only checks the current weather status, you can’t predict what you should wear for the entire week, as of right now, but hopefully that will be available soon! With all of the outfits Kim’s worn over the years, there’s sure to be an outfit to suit your climate! No matter the weather, Kim’s got you covered!

Type in your city and know what you should wear, but also have some fun with different cities around the world! I typed in cities I wished I was in just to see what I’d be wearing if I were actually there. For example, what’s the weather like in Paris today? I don’t know…let’s ask Kim!

Kim's just having some fun in this sexy jumpsuit in Paris, and based on the weather, so should you!

Possibly one of her most iconic looks, it's hot enough in L.A. ot be rocking a crop top and fitted skirt.

Wearing a blazer and jeans is the best way to look chic no matter where your day in NY takes you!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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