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Be Like Kylie Jenner and Match Your Nails to Your Bag

Matching your nails to your accessories is always a good idea. Especially when Kylie Jenner does it. Bow down. She recently posted a photo where she is matching her baby pink nails to her baby pink Givenchy bag, of course. What other brand would Kylie be carrying? We decided to a round up of fun nail colors that are very summer inspired and choose bags that are a dead match for the nail colors.

Now you can wear your favorite nail polish and match it to your favorite bag all at the same time. From a bold coral nail polish with a coral shoulder crossbody bag to a holographic polish with a matching satchel purse. The possibilities are endless. Matching your nail polish to your bag will take your outfit from a 10 to a certified 20. Trust us! Let these colors and bags inspire you, and then recreate these looks yourself at home. We all have our favorite purses we carry all the time and that one nail polish we choose over all the other polishes, so why not coordinate the two?

Here are some of the nail polishes and purse combos that we chose. Channel your inner Kylie Jenner and take your outfit and accessory game to the next level. Kylie would be so proud!

Blue/Pink Ice Cream Cross Body Bag, $27.28, Skinny Dip London

Leather Clover X Body, $16.37, Oasis

Party Crossbody, $11.99, The Iconic

See how fun it is to match your bag to your nail polish? Now go and start matching!!

Images: kyliejenner/instagram (1); Images: Courtesey Brands: (10)

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