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Fellow Co. Sugar Scrub Is Perfect For Exfoliating This Summer

Who doesn’t love a good pampering every once in a while? That’s exactly what we were thinking when we saw that Jawbreaking teamed up with the Fellow Co. to give away free sugar scrub samples with a $30.00 purchase a few months ago. How could we turn that down? We basically HAD to buy something to get our sugar scrubs, I mean they were free. So after getting our two favorite things: a new Jawbreaking graphic tee and a free sugar scrub, we awaited the three to five business days till our new goodies arrived.

Our packages arrived and finally we had our new sugar scrubs. The two kinds we got were, (we did separate two orders so we each got a scrub, naturally) Lemongrass Coconut Amber and Lavender Milk and Honey. They smelled heavenly!!!! We’ve used the scrub for a hand rub, a nice foot massage, or even putting it on our legs before we shaved for the ultimate silky smoothness. The smell alone would make us want to purchase more, but how long our skin stayed so smooth is just a huge bonus!!

Even though this event happened a few weeks ago, we still have been savoring our scrub and have a little bit left. And now you can get some of your very own. The limited free sample offer is over, but the scrubs are available to purchase! We will definitely be returning to the Fellow Co. to get some more of these amazing sugar scrubs and to buy even more of their bath and body products! Our online shopping cart currently looks like this:

Spa night, anyone?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: thefellowco/instagram (1) ; Screengrab Fellow Co. (1)

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