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The Dark Angels Cleanser Is A Miracle Worker When It Comes To Facials

Remember this past Christmas when everyone was posting about those bath bombs that looked like a galaxy? Well I saw those fantastic videos and I wanted to a have star-filled bath, too. I did my research on where to get the bombs and to see if they actually worked. (They work and I highly recommend everyone buying at least ten) I found out these magical bath bombs came from Lush Cosmetics, and I instantly went online and bought some. Before making my purchase I saw even more great stuff and knew I would soon be back to make more purchases!

That leads me to the product I really want to talk to you about! I love trying new face masks. After looking at Lush’s website and reading some reviews I decided I wanted to buy the Dark Angels cleanser. This cleanser is made up of black sugar and charcoal. It really makes your face feel silky smooth after each wash and makes it stay that way. It’s great for oily or acne prone skin, too, and it even helps reduce future break-outs.

All of the reviews raved about this product. I am a happy customer, too. I use this mask sometimes once a day, but at least 3 to 5 times a week. It really helps me prevent breakouts and keeps my face feeling as smooth as baby’s bottom! Go out and try your black sugar and charcoal cleanser now by visiting a Lush near you or checking out their website!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Lush Cosmetics (1)


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