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The Best Ride or Die Gear

My sister and I are definitely each other’s best friends, since day one and until the end. Started from the bottom and now we’re here kind of thing, you know? We have each other’s back no matter what. I know we all have someone like that in our lives. So this post is for all the girls out there that are inseparable. For the girls that can count on each other no matter what the circumstances are, good or bad. No matter how crazy things are, she’s your ride or die chick.

We have curated a fun roundup of the best ride or die gear for all the best friends out there. This gear can be worn when you’re just hanging out together, working out together, or even when you’re separate just to really express your loyalty. Or maybe you have a girl’s trip planned and all your fave girls are going to be showing off their ride or dies! Honestly, every/any occasion is perfect to wear these. Make everyone want to be part of your girl group.

Shop these fun pieces now for you and your bestie!

1. Rihanna’s Ride or Die Necklace

Ride or Die Gold Necklace, $115, Mala by Patty Rodriguez

Rihanna really can’t do any wrong when it comes to fashion. Show off your ride or die necklace with pride. Matching necklaces, anyone?

2. Roomies Sweatshirt

Roomie Sweater, $80, Southward Apparel

This is for all the college girls that have a ride or die roommate. This would be perfect for sorority girls!

3. Ride or Die Workout Gear

Ride or Die Sports Bra, $44, Jawbreaking

Perfect for working out or going on a hike with your best b*tch.

4. Kkharma Love Best Bitches Sweatshirt Set

Our ultimate fave ride or die item. We got a crop top version of these last year and pretty much wear them all the time. Highly recommend these!

#RideorDie till the end. Ladies get your gear now!

Images: hausofrihanna/instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (4)


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