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Simplify Your Makeup Routine With Multipurpose Sticks

I was inspired to try out multipurpose sticks after seeing this beauty tutorial, and honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner! Multipurpose sticks are the way to go for easy makeup application and for giving you all of the color and shimmer you’ll need for summer! One product that can act as a bronzer, highlight and lipstick all in one—now that’s something I can totally get behind, you know what I mean?

Despite how great this multipurpose stick sounds, I admit I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on one. I mean, what if I hated it, you know? So, I went to Walmart and picked up one for about $9, as one does. A girl’s gotta be thrifty with these kinds of things!

Well, having used it now, I can promise you that it’s worth every one of those $9 and more! I’d definitely be willing to spend more than that knowing what I know now. I’ve used the stick to add color and shimmer to the tops of my cheeks and collarbones, applied it as a bronzer along the side of my face and applied it to my lips just to add a little extra something. It really does give the perfect beach bronzed look!

This definitely needs to be the next product you add to your makeup bag. Spend as little or as much as you like on this. Whatever you spend it will be more than worth it!

See the best multipurpose sticks on the market right now by scrolling through this list!

Ilia Multi Stick

NARS Multi Stick

Nars the Multiple, $39,

E.L.F. Cosmetics All Over Color Stick

All Over Color Stick, $1.99,

ULTA Multi Stick

Flower Multi Stick

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)


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