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How To Make Your Own NYC Holey Cream's Dream Donut Sandwich At Home

Holey Cream

Holey Cream's Address: 796 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

For my 5th weekend I went to Holey Cream. It was one of the best dessert experiences in NYC yet! You can go there to get doughnuts, ice-cream, or wait for it… doughnut ice-cream sandwiches. Plain doughnuts or ice-cream are so boring so I went for the ice-cream sandwich- Or as they call it a dream donut sandwich. Which let’s just say I completely agree… it was a dream come true!

It took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted to order. I went back and forth in front of the ice-cream display quite a few times. This was my dream donut, I had to make it perfect.

I chose a vanilla donut with strawberry frosting. For my ice-cream flavors I chose red-velvet cucpake and birthday cake. Then I was able to choose one topping for the doughnut, I went with rainbow sprinkles obviously. This concoction was absolutely delicious and worth every calorie!

If you are in the NYC area head on over to … If you’re not there is no reason why you can’t have donut sandwiches at home. Keep reading for a DIY donut sandwich, baked donut recipes and homemade ice-cream to follow!

The Donuts

Image and Recipe via: Deliciously Sprinkled

Baked donuts are the best way to make donuts if you don’t have access to a deep fryer. Or let’s be honest, just head to Krispee Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts to do the trick!

Homemade Birthday Cake Ice-Cream

Photo and recipe via: MommyBunch

The Labels and Lacquer girls love experimenting with homemade ice-cream recipes. We definitely have an ice-cream churn that gets a lot of uses in the summertime. This recipe is a no-churn recipe, so it's super easy!

Red-Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream

Image and photo via: Delish

Red-velvet cake ice-cream, come on!!! This looks so good! This also is a no-churn recipe!

Feel free to make Darby’s dream donut or make your own dream donut! The possibilities are endless.

--Labels and Lacquer

Images: L & L Originals (3); Courtesy blogs (3)

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