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#RichKid Roxy Sowlaty Launches Furniture Collab And You Need Each Piece in Your Life

My not so guilty pleasure is watching #RichKids of Beverly Hills. I don’t think I would be able to pick a favorite between Dorothy, Morgan, or Roxy. They are all so #fabuluxe in their own way! But I do love that Roxy has taken her passion for interior design and turned it into a career.

I always love going to check out her Instagram to see her new projects and most recent client's homes. The other day I stumbled upon something BE-yond fabulous. She teamed up with THRONE Upholstery to launch her first furniture collection. It’s called the Beverly Hills Collection. Uhh how perfect? I’m mean what else with the 90210 based socialite call it? And it features one of her favorite prints… a giant banana leaf print! This collab just keeps getting better and better.

The first item released from the collection was an armless chair. It is already sold out! But, don’t worry it is still available for pre-order. Now Roxy just released a matching Banana Leaf throw pillow that could really enhance any space.

I’ll be patientily awaiting the next banana leaf print item released that I inevitably MUST have in my life! Now if anyone needs me I’ll be binge watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: roxysowlaty/instagram (1); Roxy Sowlaty (2)

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