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Desserts To Make This Easter

Augusta and I are pretty excited to be in New York in the springtime. The weather has been a bit unpredictable, but every so often there is a gorgeous day in the high 70s. We feel like April is flying by and we can't believe Easter Sunday is coming! This past weekend we sat and planned our brunch menu since we are finally living in the same city and can celebrate the holiday together!

Last year, we spent the holiday a part but still made it a point to make a recipe together at the same time. We chose to make lemon poppy seed pancakes, topped with lavender. This year we are actually going to get to have brunch at one of our apartments and we couldn't be more excited. Along with our brunch menu, we of course are preparing a few desserts. How could we pass up an opportunity to use springtime fruit, Easter chocolate, or pastel colored sprinkles?

We'll be sure to post about what we end up preparing as our Easter dessert. But in the meantime, have fun scrolling and deciding what dessert you're going to whip up in the kitchen.

1. Orange Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Photo & Recipe via: Lil Luna

This dessert is so easy to recreate. You just need strawberries and orange candy melts. Or you could always melt down white chocolate and add a few drops of orange food coloring if you already have that laying around in your pantry.

2. Lemon Coconut Cake

Photo & Recipe via: A Latte Food

This cake is the perfect blend of spring fruits!

3. Peep Inspired

Photo & Recipe via: Betty Crocker

We had to include a recipe that had peeps in it!

4. Confetti Bars

Photo & Recipe via: Chelsea Messy Apron

Marshmallows and M&Ms in one dessert?! Is that even allowed?

5. Carrot Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Mom On Time Out

Carrot cake seems like a good go to Easter dessert that will definitely please a crowd.

6. Coconut Easter Egg Nest Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Sally's Baking Addiction

This dessert is almost too cute to eat. Almost!

7. Peanut Butter Eggs

Photo & Recipe via: Dinner At The Zoo

One of our favorite Easter candies is Reese's Eggs. We love the idea of making it ourselves!

8. Easter S'mores

Photo & Recipe via: The Decorated Cookie

We've been seeing s'mores dip a lot lately on Instagram, so we are thinking we have to try this Easter version.

Enjoy these springtime desserts and the long weekend!

--Label and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (9)

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