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Unique Iced Lattes To Make At Home

Iced lattes are great year around at least for the Labels and Lacquer girls. In the summertime, nothing beats an iced cold drink, which for us usually means a coffee. If you're trying to cut back on that daily $5 coffee expense— start making unique lattes at home. That way you can start a vacation fund so you can buy iced coffees somewhere tropical/exotic!

Several of the recipes we found you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry. We'll admit there are few recipes below that require fancier items you may not have. But we think buying it now to have unique lattes in the comfort of your own home is a reason to take a trip to the grocery store.

It's time to make that grocery list and to have iced lattes with your breakfast.

1. Iced Vanilla Rosemary Latte

Photo & Recipe via: The Almond Eater

2. Hibiscus Iced Latte

Photo & Recipe via: The Merry Thought

This recipe is actually fairly easy to replicate. You probably already have everything on hand, except maybe the hibiscus tea bags. So definitely stock up on those!

3. Matcha Latte

Photo & Recipe via: A Cozy Kitchen

And who doesn't love the good ol' matcha lattes? Recreate this trendy latte at home. Thank you A Cozy Kitchen!

4. Vegan Blueberry Latte

Photo & Recipe via: Anett Velsberg

This is a vegan tea latte option for you and ummm it has blueberries in it! Yumm!

5. Golden Milk Latte

Photo & Recipe via: Get Inspired Everyday

A turmeric latte is the new healthy latte of the moment. We actually have tried this drink but after reading the health benefits; we are eager to try soon!

6. Rose Lavender Honey Iced Latte

Photo & Recipe via: Spices In My DNA

This recipe has several steps but we think it is well worth it with this yummy drink as the end result.

Want more iced coffee recipes?! Find more here!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6); oadnewyork/instagram (1)

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