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5 French Press Coffee Recipes That Will Your Spice Up Morning Routine

Since being in NYC for the summer whenever I didn’t have coffee at a cute café, I made it a French press. Augusta has also been experimenting with a French press this summer. We don’t know why we haven’t used it more in the past. It is so easy to use! I think it’s even quicker than using a coffee machine. Just add boiling water (which I always just use the microwave to warm the water) and the grounds. Voila that’s it, you have a nice cup of joe ready!

I’ve been wanting to spice up my usual go-to coffee drink in the morning. So I wanted to find new recipes that could all be done in a French press. One coffee maker, endless possibilities. Let’s get to brewing our coffee. This is perfect no matter what time of year it is, so now that it's fall, cozy up with some coffee that you made, right in your own kitchen!

We found everything from a caramel iced coffee to chai lattes, all in made in French press!

1. Chai Latte

Image and Recipe via: Brewing Happiness

Who knew a chai latte could be done in a French press? This recipe seems fairly easy. They use milk instead of water. We will definitely be trying this recipe out soon.

2. Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Image and Recipe via: DietHood

This is one of Augusta’s, if not her favorite, Starbucks drink. This recipe technically doesn’t say how the coffee was brewed. But it could easily be made with the French press. Have Starbucks in your kitchen tomorrow morning!

3. Vanilla Spice Latte

Image and Recipe via: Baked Bree

How can you say no to a vanilla spice latte? Enough said.

4. Caramel Iced Coffee

Image and Recipe via: Pots and Pans

With this summertime heat, a girl will do anything to have an iced coffee. Be prepared with this recipe you have to steep the grounds overnight, to make your own cold brew coffee. You let the grounds sit overnight in, you guessed it, a French press.

5. Foamed French Press Milk

Talk about coffee shop level coffee drinks. Okay this takes about only a minute to complete. Go ahead and brew your coffee have it in a cup. Then warm milk either in the microwave or in the stove top. Pour it into your French press. Then pump the handle till the milk begins to froth. Pour into your cup and enjoy!!

We can’t wait to try these new recipes out. If you need us we’ll be sipping our French press creations!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: KrisAtomic/Unsplash; Courtesy blogs(5)

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