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NYC Guide: Breakfasts & Cafés

When you’re in New York, you brunch (and drink multiple cups of coffee in a day). That’s just what you do. Needless to say, with all of the activities we had planned, there was much need for lattes and delicious breakfasts.

If you ever find yourself in New York City, the Labels and Lacquer girls highly recommend that you stop into these breakfasts and cafes to start your days off right.

See a list of all of the places the L & L girls stopped to get a morning bite to eat:

Brunswick Café was the first place we stopped to eat, and it was an excellent way to start our trip. The café is just steps away from Prospect Park, and has incredible coffee with both sweet and savory menu items. Not to mention— the décor is amazing. It’s got a chic, modern/minimalistic vibe.

I got the waffle and an iced coffee and Darby gave the cheddar and chive biscuit a try. Her iced latte looked amazing, too. No matter what you order at this place, there’s no going wrong.

It was so good that I went back for round two on my last day in Brooklyn. This time I ordered an egg scramble and an iced macchiato. Yet again, it really hit the spot. This was the perfect place to start and end the trip. I’ll definitely miss being close enough to walk to this café on the weekend.

Union Fare is a place I saw on Instagram and knew that we HAD to go there. They have stuffed croissants. Need I say more?

Darby tried the Birthday Cake flavored stuffed croissant (and yes, it was filled with pink icing and sprinkles). I sampled the Cookies ‘N Cream croissant, and let me tell you— this was worth the trip to the city in and of itself.

3. Bagel Factory

When you display cream cheese like gelato— you know you’re in the right place. The bagels in Brooklyn were delicious, and since it was so close to where we were staying, let’s just say we ate quite a few of them.

My two fav combos: Poppy seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese and poppy seed bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese.

We popped in here one day to get a coffee to go with our bagels. I ordered a unique and refreshing honey lavender latte, and it was delicious. What a great little Brooklyn find!

This place not only has coffee and breakfast burritos (Yum!), but it also has fresh pressed juices. I ordered a watermelon, mint and lemon juice. And yes, it tasted just like summer.

If you stumble upon any of these places, you definitely won’t regret it. In fact, they may even be the highlight of your trip!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: L&L Originals (6); southslopeeatery/Instagram (1); espresso77/Instagram (1)

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