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A Guide To Juicing In Hong Kong

We've never really been big into multi-day juice cleanses or anything of the sort. We appreciate food waaay too much for that. But, juice can be such a nice, filling pick-me-up that we like the idea of sipping on a juice quite a lot (as long as it doesn't have to replace our lunch).

We'd never found ourselves in need of such a nourishing snack than while out and about (walking at least 8 miles a day) in the crazy busy city of Hong Kong. Luckily, there are juice bars all over the place, especially in Central. So, we had the chance in to stop in at a few different places when we felt like we needed it most.

Check out four of our favorite places to stop by and have a juice drink. Whether you're into greens, fruits or a mixture of both-- there's sure to be a juice for you. If you're ever in Hong Kong, you should definitely give these places a try!

This was such a nice place to stop and relax. The seating area was adorable, and Darby and I enjoyed getting to sip our juices while people watching. I got a drink called "Aloha Chiller" that used coconut water, pineapple and acai berry to pack loads of tropical flavor.

Darby got a more milk-based drink called "Milkilicious" that was made with nut milk, cinnamon, vanilla and dates. It truly was "milkilicious" just like its name.

Not too far away from Be-Juiced was another adorable little juice shop that I decided to try while I was on my own for a bit in Central. I was in the mood for something fruity and had a hard time choosing between a cherry flavored pressed juice and a blueberry flavored one.

The lady who was assisting me recommended that I try the blueberry, so I decided to do just that. It was called "Berry Glow 3" and was a mixture of blueberry, pear and coconut. And I can now say just like the woman who worked there, you should really give this one a try!

This location is a cute little walk up. It took me a little bit to figure out what juice would be perfect to quench our thirsts. I chose to get a juice that was called "Beaches." You really can't go wrong with a nice tropical theme. It had strawberries, pineapple, açaí, and mint. It was absolutely delicious and so refreshing. The juice had large chunks and strawberries and pineapples floating around, yuuum! Like Augusta said when you walk at least 8 miles a day, you need to stay hydrated. We are obsessed with juicing now! And we want to frequent this juice pit stop!

Classified is more of a cafe than it is a juice/smoothie place. Nonetheless you can get delicious fruit and yogurt smoothies and açaí energy booster smoothies. All the acai energy smoothies are served with homemade granola and coconut shavings. Do we really need to keep going? Just go there, you won't be disappointed. And while your there, we recommend pairing your smoothie with blueberry french toast and bacon, like we did!

We loved these juice bars, but even if you aren't in HK, there are plenty of places all over that make great juices and smoothies. If you hadn't been into it before, you may want to start getting your juice on a little more often. I know the Labels & Lacquer girls will be from now on, all thanks to the amazing drinks we tried in Hong Kong!

Images: L & L Originals (4); geniejuicery/instagram (1);

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