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The Labels and Lacquer Girls' Dream Café List

The Labels and Lacquer girls love a good coffee shop. It’s just a nice environment to be in, whether you’re working or just sipping your coffee and relaxing. Anything you do with a coffee in hand is better than doing it without it.

We love trying new things, especially when it involves a pastry and a little caffeine. Here are eight dream cafés that we want to travel to. Get your bags packed, it’s time to get that expresso, latte, macchiato fix.

1. Morning Glass Coffee & Café Honolulu

Photos via: Morning Glass Coffee Instagram

I can just see it now: waking up early to fuel your morning and then hitting the beach all day. Perfection. We took a look over the menu and there are so many drink options, but for breakfast we know we would want the Macaroni & Cheese Pancakes. Yes, that is pancakes stuffed with mac & cheese. ….Booking our flight as I type.

2. Kaffeine in London

Photo via: Kaffeine

A little tea/party in London doesn’t sound bad to us. Fun fact: Kaffeine baristas have to have three years of training before they can work here. Get ready for professional level cappuccinos, people.

3. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

Photo via The Coffee Academics' Facebook

The interior looks beautiful of this café. According to the name it sounds like you could learn a thing or two about a good cup of joe. We scrolled through their Instagram for a little bit, and you can also get churros here. It’s official, we’re going here. *Will Travel for Coffee and Churros*

4. Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

Photo via: AddisonSteelCoffee Facebook

Based on everything we have read about this place, they know how to make a cup of coffee. The fact that it is in Australia is a bonus!

5. Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Photo via: Dreamy Camera Cafe Facebook

We have just got to see the inside of this café, it’s a two story camera. I’m sure the coffee is good, too!

6. Le Maison Rose in Paris

Photo via: Wiki

Paris is the first place we think of when we think dream cafes. This is located near Montmatre. This adorable little pink café is just meant for the L & L girls to sit and sip coffee at. Oui Oui!

7. Maison Bastille

Photo via: Maison Bastille Instagram

Because there can never be too many Parisian cafes to visit.

8. Classified in Hong Kong

Photo via:

We was hooked on going on this café as soon as we saw the swinging sofas! They offer European dining and are known for their: coffee, wine, and cheeses.

Images: Courtesy websites (stated above) (8); Wix (1)

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