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Wellness, Workouts & Working On Ourselves During Self-Quarantine

Wellness, workouts & working from home! Oh my! These are trying times out here, people! Or, in here, rather, as we've definitely been hunkering down indoors. With all of the demands that (somewhat) surprisingly come along with a work from home schedule and the tense nature of the state of things, it can feel difficult to make your health and wellness a priority. But, thankfully, now is seriously the best time ever to create a wellness routine that works for you.

With all of the free access to workout classes, celebrity trainers, advice from experts at your disposal through Instagram Live, Zoom and insert video platform here — you've got the perfect opportunity to soak in all of the good vibes you can possibly handle, which seems to be more limitless than ever before!

Here are some of the people we've been keeping up with during our self-quarantine. They give us an opportunity to flow, move our bodies, hone our crafts, learn something new or get positive affirmations about how we're feeling and how we're going to be able to handle what we're going through. Darby and I have been able to pick things to do at the same time, which helps us feel together even though we're apart. So, get your #quaranteam together and follow along with literally any of these life-savers, as we get through this thing, alone, but together!

1. Yoga With Adriene

Always a staple, Adriene has done an incredible job of keeping us in a regular yoga schedule. I already followed along with her pretty much daily, but it was nice to have a safe, familiar place to turn to breathe, stretch and challenge my body during such unpredictable times. Can't recommend her free YouTube yoga sessions enough.

Famous poet, illustrator and author Rupi Kaur has been putting on free writing workshops in which she allows you to free write to prompts, coaches you through five-stanza poems and more. It's a great release, emotionally, and an excellent way for you to practice your skills as a writer, whether you consider yourself to be one or no.

Whether you take advantage of the free Instagram Live workouts they're offering right now or download their app and create a workout schedule that works for you, Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up have been our go-to virtual workout buddies for years now, and they're certainly not letting us down now!

Revolve will get you movin' around your house with their full line-up of intense workouts. We've worked out with the trainer of the Train With Danny Instagram account and moved and grooved along to a killer workout with an even more impressive playlist with Tone It Up co-founder, Katrina Scott, did a takeover on Revolve's account. They mix things up and have yet to let us down when it comes to keeping up our quarantine fitness routine!

I first discovered Sarah through a free workout program that's offered through my work. She stretches me out during my lunch break, but when she's not doing that, she's also teaching power yoga classes that will kick your butt in the best way. She brings the burn in a good way, and I've been so grateful for her free classes offered on Instagram Live during this quarantine. It brings a bit of regularity and a lot of intensity to my weekly schedule.

Model Ashley Graham continues to be a source of inspiration for us during quarantine. From offering free yoga to free sessions with her personal trainer, she's a new mom proving that this quarantine doesn't have to get the better of you. She's been such a breath of fresh air to follow along with! Check out her Instagram Live for laughs and great workouts.

Miley Cyrus has found a great way to keep herself entertained, while entertaining the rest of us, too. From interviews about how to stay sane during this time to tutorials on self-care practices, Miley's Instagram Live interviews are keeping up all a little more bright-minded during this time!

There's a variety of interesting activities going on on the Guest House Shop Instagram account. From home tours and free yoga sessions to wellness question sessions that you can take time to answer alone or with a partner — this business is helping you dig deep and find your purpose, what inspires you and more during this time for self-quarantining and self-reflecting.

Need a lunchtime stretch break or some fun, creative recipes? Check out the Brightland Instagram Account for live calming cooking tutorials, 10-minute stretching activities and more to help keep you from getting in a rut.

Hope these suggestions are as fun and helpful for your mental state, mood and more in the same way they are for us!

We got this! Stay well!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Unsplash (1); Instagram (8)

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