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Fill Your Home With These Scents This Summer

Summer is officially here — but your vacation time may seem far away (or be non-existent). For all those struggling to go to work each day when it's so dang hot out and the beach is calling — you've got to get your hands on these summer-y scents.

We're hoping that if you burn enough beach-smelling candles, you'll be transported on an instant vacation, and if that theory proves to be true — these are the scents you'll need to have by your side.

From coconut fragrances to smells that mimic a surf shop, these candles are made for helping you get through until your next vacay. So, draw a bath and light one of these lovelies and close your eyes.

Are you on the sea shore yet? Mentally — yes. And for now — that'll have to do.

1. Coconut

Coconut Candle, $36, Sunday Forever

This is the most iconic of the summer-y smells, if you ask us. That's why it will forever be our top pick. According to the Sunday Forever website, this candle smells like "vacation, pretty girls, coconuts and milk & cream." Umm, yes, please!

2. Berries

Baies Candle, $35, Diptyque

Fresh berries and summertime are a match made in heaven. This candle will surely send you all the way back to the days you were eating berries fresh from the vine on the front porch. In other words, not only will this help you vacate your current life — it'll make you feel like a kid again.

3. Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt

Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt Candle, $29.50, Yankee Candle

The only thing better than sipping on something citrus-y and salty is sipping on something citrus-y and salty while burning a candle with a matching fragrance. Double the goodness, y'know?

4. Mango Mai Tai

Mango Mai Tai Candle, $12.25, Bath & Body Works

This sounds like the kind of thing you'd order if there were a pool boy waiting on you — so if you can't manifest that scenario, then I guess this candle will do.

5. Beach Cottage Candle

Beach Cottage Candle, $29.95, Homesick Candles

This is literally a vacation in a jar. This smells like a shabby chic beach cottage and walking out to meet a salty breeze on the shore-facing porch, complete with a swing. Yep, this is just the kind of thing we needed to complete our fake getaway.

6. Surf Shop

Surf Shop Candle, $5, Target

Turn your home into a surf shop — and pray the surfers find you. This candle smells like pineapple, coconut and vanilla (and hopefully a little sunscreen and salt, too). You know — just to make the experience complete.

7. Oyster Shell

Ceramic Oyster Candle, $118, Anthropologie

Having this out on a table is like having a piece of the beach with you, so when you light it and release its fresh scent — there's no way you won't feel closer to the ocean (even if only in spirit).

We're dying to get away, and if you are too — strike a match and bring on the #OOO feels!

Add some summer vibes to your wardrobe by shopping the neon trend. Between these candles and these colors — you'll be living your best summer life in no time.

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: sundayforevernyc/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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