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How To Prepare Your Royal Wedding Brunch Viewing Party

The Labels and Lacquer girls are obsessed with all things Royal. It started at a young age with our love for Princess Diana. Our mother loved her too, so we always got all our info about Princess Di from her. Since then we tried to keep up with Prince Harry and his latest flames, Prince William, Kate Middleton and their adorable kids.. We tuned in to the last amazing Royal Wedding and now it's finally time for another!!

We think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the absolute cutest. After we saw their first interview together after their engagement we really couldn't get over how perfect they seem together. The couple was able to put their wedding event together pretty quickly. They announced their engagement in November 2017, so that's only six months to get one of the biggest weddings, well ever, together.

We are sure they have several hundreds of thousands helpers to get to make sure the whole event is magical. Now all we have to do is plan how to view the wedding in style. Stick with us to see how to throw a English brunch viewing party!

1. Afternoon Tea

Photo & Recipe via: Jamie Oliver

This amazing blog posts details how to have the perfect cup of tea, down to what porcelain to serve the tea in. Drinking tea is going to be key for the big wedding. You have to act like the Royals as much as you possibly can.

2. Tea & Crumpets

Photo & Recipe via: Wait Rose

We can't help but say this in an English accent. Crumpets are almost like a biscuit. Perfect for having for your Royal Wedding brunch.

3. Traditional English Breakfast

Photo & Recipe via: Daily Mail UK

A typical full English breakfast has: eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, and bread. This option is a definitely a hearty brunch option for the occasion that will keep you full for a while.

4. Finger Sandwiches

Photo & Recipe via: Lemon Thymes

Okay finger sandwiches is what we think of when we think of a tea party!! This recipe doesn't require that many ingredients and it will keep you guests very happy.

5. English Scones

Photo & Recipe via: Culinary Ginger

After doing our research this blogger explains English scones are served with "clotted cream, jam, along with a spot of tea." Clotted cream is cooked in the oven or on on top of the stove top until the creamy goodness clots. Follow this recipe to get truly English-level scones.

6. Shortbread Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: The View From Great Island

These cookies will be a great addition to the day. You can dip it in your coffee or tea. Vanilla bean shortbread cookies also just seem simple and very elegant.

Enjoy these English inspired treats while the Royal Wedding is on! What we are looking forward to most is to see what Meghan Markle will wear!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Want to make your own cashew milk to use as creamer in your spot of tea? Click here to learn how you can!

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy blogs (6)

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