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How To Sunbathe In Style Like Emily Ratajkowski

Summer's right around the corner — so you'll want to make sure that you've got your poolside style nailed. You'll need to look to model Emily Ratajkowski for inspiration becuase she — and her swim line — are serving up all sorts of enviable looks.

Whether you're headed on a tropical vacay or just laying out in your neighborhood swimming pool, you'll want to cop Ratajkowski's laid-back, sexy style.

The key to channeling your inner model will be shopping from Inamorata Swimwear. These sexy one and two-pieces are just the kind of thing you'll need for that summer heat wave!

Once you've shopped some swim pieces, you'll need nothing more than a few accessories to complete the look — oh yeah, and some kind of exotic destination to provide a gorgeous backdrop for your Instagram wouldn't hurt either.

So, get your passports and wallets ready — summer's calling!

First things first: here's what you'll need to nail summer swim style à la Ratajkowski:

1. Sexy Swimwear

She keeps the summertime vibes alive by forever posing in super sexy bathing suits. The best part about some of the one-pieces from her swim line is that they could easily be paired with a skirt or shorts so you can go straight from the beach to the bar!

Cardiff Swimsuit, $160, Inamorata Swim

Wear this by the pool by day and then slip on a maxi skirt with it later to dance the night away. Summer style made oh-so simple!

2. Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is adorable and protects you from the sun — so there are at least two reasons to make sure you've got one in your beach bag. Plus, Ratajkowski makes it look too good to pass up.

Just so many OOO vibes.

3. Cool Sunglasses

The look just wouldn't be complete without a great pair of sunnies.

Keep the good times coming with a pair of sunnies that are perfect for any summertime adventure.

Now all you need is an incredible vacation spot or even just a glamorous bathtub to bring the Ratajkowski summer spirit to life.

Because as you can see, even a bathroom can provide the perfect backdrop for summer fun:

Bathtub glam more your speed (or in your budget?) We feel you! Once you've shopped

these summer essentials, you can see how to curate the best bubble bath next!

Bring on the summertime fun! With these items — you'll be more than ready when the hottest months arrive!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: emrata/Instagram (3); inamorataswim/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (3)

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