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Copy This Green Makeup Look

Photo: Sarah Feingold Instagram

We've had a lot of fun finding makeup inspiration photos then finding products to re-create them. A few weeks ago, we found a yellow-sunshine inspired look and wrote a post about it. We thought we would try it again!

This look is really about simplicity and being all about the eyes. We see a little mascara, concealer under the eye to make the green pop, then really combing your browns upward. It is a pretty simple look to recreate with the right products.

Keep reading to see how you can have this green shadow look all spring long. Plus you can copy this look and add any color to the corner of your eyes.

1. The Shadow

Just paint this on in the corner of your eyelid. We found a claypot eyeliner that we thought would make it so easy the paint the corners neatly.

2. The Blush

Then just a touch of blush to brush your cheeks with.

3. The Brows

Pro Bro Brush #20, $18, Sephora

We included a brow brush. Stroke your brows with this and make those brows stand out.

4. The Concealer

Dab this under your eye to blend really well to really make the green color pop even more. NARS is one of our favorite brands, especially for concealers.

Get to creating your green eyeshadow look.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (4); sarah.feingold/instagram (1)

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