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How To Throw A Dinner Party Like Khloé Kardashian

No matter your opinion on the Kardashian girls, you probably all follow them on Instagram and the likes. I mean you have to find at least one way to keep up with them!! ;) We however love them and keep up to date on all things K-related. Khloé through a dinner party the other day, we saw from her Insta stories. Kourtney was one of the guests there which was documented on her Instagram stories as well. We couldn't help but fall in love with how Khloe had the table decorated. We all know Khlo loves to cook and host parties and we she does, she does it well!

Don't worry if you missed the disappearing stories, we took plenty of screenshots. We wanted to find pieces that were similar to Koko's, so you can host a Kardashian-level dinner party too. The color scheme was light and airy pastels. The decor seemed very spring-y to us. Which is perfect to start gearing up for all your spring garden parties.

Along with the amazing plates, silverware, serving trays, there were also flowers and candles. Everything to really set the mood with good vibes to have a lively dinner conversation. A.k.a. talk about Kylie's new baby name Stormi.

Now it's time to start picking out all of your new tableware.

1. The Small Serving Knife

Agate Handle Knife Set, $56.49, Overstock

Ah these are so cute. Khloe definitely had a lot of agate dinner accessories!

2. The Silverware

Vika Sky Flatware, $48, Anthropologie

These gold silverware settings are very chic and sure to be a topic of conversation.

3. The Cups

It actually looks like Khlo Money had a few different crystal goblets, so feel free to mix it up. You could buy this set of four and then find another set to purchase.

4. The Napkin Rings

Agate Napkin Rings, $23.25, Amazon

Another agate touch.

5. The Pink Dinner Napkin

Twill Cotton Blend Napkins, $9.99, Bed Bat and Beyond

Here's dainty pink napkin for your guests.

6. The Gold Bread & Butter Plate

This print is so close to Khloe's butter dish. But let's be honest butter looks good on any serving plate!

7. The Exact Dessert Plate

Hermes makes plates too. Let's just say they are LUXE!! No wonder they call her Khlo Money!

8. More Affordable Dessert Plate

Ikat Salad Plate, $24.99, Target

We thought this had a similar pattern and color scheme to match Khloé decor. It also seems very Spring with the floral print.

9. Ikat Dinner Plate

Ikat Mixed Appetizer Plates, $34.99, Williams and Sonama

It's your dinner party, and you can switch it up if you want to! We loved this ikat print and liked that you would be mixing patterns and colors.

10. The Candle Holder

This agate holder is great to make sure you have a peaceful dinner party. Now all you need are tea candles to go inside.

Thank you Khloé for giving us inspiration to decorate our next dinner party.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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Images: Courtesy brands (10); kourtneykardash/instagram (2); khloekardashian/instagram (1)

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