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Our Thoughts On The Burt's Bees Gentle Foaming Cleanser

The Labels and Lacquer girls love Burt's Bees. It all started in middle school for us with their original peppermint chapstick. It moisturizes, and you really can feel the minty cool on your lips. Throughout the years we continue to buy their chapstick and test new products. We also love their lotions, especially for their scents.

Darby uses the Burt's Bees BB Cream. It is the perfect shade and really matches her complexion. It goes on smoothly and hides any blemishes. It also has SPF 15 in it, which is so great! It manages to stay on all day long with smudging or anything, too!

Recently we just tried a new product (or new to us) their gentle foaming facial cleanser. These days we are all about skincare and are willing to try new products. This cleanser comes out like foam and really suds your face. We can tell it is really deep cleaning.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Gently Foaming Cleanser, $10, Burt's Bees

This foaming cleanser has royal jelly in it. A little fun fact on the product bottle; the royal jelly actually feeds the Queen Bee which is why she lives longer than the Worker Bees. It is also full of vitamins and antioxidants, leaving your face feeling clean and healthy. We noticed a softness too after a few uses, too. If you are looking to try out and a new cleanser, try this one out!

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Calum Lewis/Unsplash; Burt's Bees (1)

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