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Our Fave New Find Of The Week: The Break

I found a new shopping destination The Break on Instagram, as one does these days. It is a vintage clothing store that has an online site and a store front in Brooklyn. I immediately fell in love with all of the vintage pieces the brand carries. The Break also does such a great job shooting editorials of each new collection of vintage pieces that are added to the shop.

I discovered the brand right before I moved to New York, so I knew as soon as I got there this was would be one of my first stops. Annd it was. My first weekend here I was still apartment hunting but the second weekend I finally made my way to Brooklyn to find it.

The store did not disappoint! I was greeted with a glass of rosé as soon as I walked in. Then from there it was time to shop all of the gorgeous vintage clothing!! The racks were color coordinated so I was able to scan all the racks according to color. Not sure why, but that day I zoomed in on the cream and ivory section of store.

The store has really great prices for vintage too!

After looking through the entire store about two times, I filled up my dressing room.

This is the first outfit I tried on. Of course I had to take a dressing room selfie to send to Augusta to make sure she approved of the look. I loved both pieces but I ended up just purchasing the khaki leather skirt. Yes, it's LEATHER. The v-neck sweater was pretty basic and I knew I had other tops that could be mixed and matched with the leather skirt.

The skirt is a vintage INC midi pencil skirt. A fun detail The Break includes on each tag is the place the garment was sourced. My leather skirt was sourced in Farquaad, NY.

I also tried on a pair of pants because I'm really on the hunt for a great pair of 1970s wide leg pants. But, the pants were a little too big. But I'll definitely be back to shop some more goodies very soon!

If you're in the NYC area go visit this store front or shop their amazing pieces online. We promise you'll love it!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Shop The Break (1); L & L Originals (3)

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