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All The Snacks You Need To Make To Binge Watch Stranger Things Season 2

Image Credit: Netflix

The day we have all been waiting for is here.... Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix today!! The Labels and Lacquer girls have been waiting on this for a long time, pretty much till we finished the last episode this time last year. It seemed like the first trailer clips started to release at the beginning of 2017. Then the trailers said, "coming October 2017." That date seemed so far away, till now!

This is the perfect show to drop right before Halloween. It's spooky, suspenseful, and has creepy creatures/music involved. As if we needed to be anymore in the Stranger Things mood, we started searching themed food ideas to go along with our binge watching session. We were wanting more ideas other than just straight eating Eggos like our girl Eleven, which is totally acceptable, too! Check out all of our amazing finds below!

Quick, you still have time to whip some of these up before you start the show!! Then let Stranger Things commence!! What happened to Eleven? Is Will going to be okay now that he's back? We will soon find out ;)

1. Maple 43 Cocktail

Photo and Recipe via: The Food Fanatic

First things first, let's talk drinks for this watching party! A maple bourbon drink, garnished with a toasted waffle.

2. Eggo Shots

Photo and Recipe via: Buzzfeed

Or for a non-alcoholic version; just fill up a shot glass with maple syrup and top with an Eggo waffle. Eleven would approve this recipe!

3. Chocolate Pudding Cake

Photo and Recipe via: The Kitchn

This pudding recipe is inspired from when Dustin and Lucas find pudding in the school refrigerator. It is a chocolate pudding cake with coke frosting. This just seems very fitting!

4. Chicken & Waffle Sliders

Photo & Recipe via: Food, Folks, and Fun

Chicken and waffles are pretty much fit for any occasion. But especially this one, when there is such a strong love for waffles all throughout the show.

5. Christmas Light Cupcakes

Photo & Recipe via: Baked Bree

This is the infamous scene where Will communicates to his mom Joyce. Will was able to communicate through the holiday lights she has strung up in her home in a frantic manner. Enjoy the scene in cupcake form now!

6. Waffle Bar

Photo and Recipe via: Mom Loves Baking

A waffle bar?! I mean this couldn't be more perfect. Get some fun and spooky toppings to go on top of the best breakfast food.

7. Eleven Cupcakes

Video and Recipe via: Flour Girl

Maple cupcakes with waffles on top. We are definitely making these cupcakes for our Netflix sesh!

8. Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake

Photo and Recipe via: Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake

This dessert is inspired by the Upside Down! Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake, how so very on-theme!

Have you picked out what you are going to make? Now go get your Netflix ready!

And we live you with this: A job well done at the grocery store!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Netflix (1); Courtesy blogs (8); Giphy (1)

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